Hey folks! I'm launching,  featuring short stories, poetry, general musings, and more called Eric Barry Writes.

It should be available in iTunes next week, but go to www.ericbarrywrites.com for updates, or follow me on twitter @ericbarry. Have a great weekend!

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Hey gang! The much anticipated (nearly 11 months in the making) podcast is out! 

It's called Eric Does A Thing, available in iTunes and everywhere else.

Please subscribe and write a review for the show! It helps us get discovered by more people.

Essentially the show is about me exploring new experiences, events, and culture, all while giving my own perspective on life and politics. If you love Radiolab and me blathering, you'll love this show!

To stay up to date on new podcast episodes, reviews, and events, be sure to subscribe in iTunes, and follow the show on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Well guys, I hate to say it, but this may be the last episode of Full Disclosure. Or close to it. After almost 4 years, amazing guests, amazing demos, amazing personal growth, and amazing times, it's just not panning out with the listenership we need. Like, truthfully, the listenership is abysmal. And that's kind of the one reward that's supposed to come with having a podcast, is a community of engaged listeners. So to those of you who have listened, my sincere thanks.

I'm going to try and start another podcast or venture using different social media profiles (I truthfully think there might be some bad behind the scene profile karma working against me in terms of SEO, etc.), so do follow me on twitter and Facebook and join the mailing list to the right of this posting to stay updated. 

Anyway, on to today's show! Chris Pent is back! Joining us for a brief Skype session is sexologist, sex educator, and second-EVER Full Disclosure guest Charlie Glickman. Charlie will be visiting Chicago to teach some awesome anal play workshops THIS THURSDAY! Charlie talks about the event, some anal play do's and don't's, and the role porn is playing in education around anal sex.

Chris and I then get to chatting about a play party we both attended and my anxieties surrounding it, which was definitely the most formal play party I had been to.

Obviously Bernie Sanders make his way into our sex party discussion.

Then we're on to Bowie. That death really affected me; I'm still having Magic Dance play through my head as I type this. We talk about the impact of his life and death, the duality of his iconoclastic nature met with mainstream success, and the controversy surrounding the tale of a woman who says she lost her virginity to Bowie as a 14-year-old aspiring groupie.

If you guys have thoughts on the show, it ending, all that jazz—please, I want to hear from you! Leave a voicemail at (415) 779-6855. Email at eric@fdpod.com. And I hope you'll hear from me again soon, no matter what medium it is. I do suspect I'll be releasing some best-of's in the future.

Thanks again, guys. Be well, and be loved.

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Hello folks. Coming at you listening to Bowie's Blackstar. Found out the news about 2 hours after we finished recording this, so forgive the lack of mention. Man. What a fucking ... being.

On the show this week is Chris Pent, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, and via Skype Caroline Allen.

We start things off talking about some rough sex elements, including spitting and one's proclivity toward the taste of semen.

Next up: New Year's resolutions. I finish out my story mentioned a couple weeks ago about the vigorously unhealthy bender I went on in San Francisco, and how it culminated. This transpiring honestly went from one I thought would be fun to tell to one that was pretty raw for me to tell, so fair warning.

Finally we get into the nitty gritty of Making a Murderer. SPOILER ALERTS to follow.

Without going into the entire 10 episode series and our discussion, we basically talk about how fucked up the justice system is, from cops to judges, politicians to lawyers. It's disgusting, and this series is a thorough examination of just how gross it can be.

Time for bed. Bowie man. Ascend to someplace wonderful.

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When many people think of what they want their food to taste like, last on that list is genitals. But that's not the case for Nicky Dyal and Richie Rhombus (I'm guessing these are their burner names but I can neither confirm nor deny this). They're the authors of the new book Eat Me: Recipes for Transcendental Women's Anatomy Tasting (there's a fun acronym buried in the title as well).

The book is part recipe guide, part poetic memoir. Richie believes that people need to expand their palettes when it comes to the notion of what female genitals taste like, and this book was an attempt to do that while also bring body-positivity to counter much of the shame impressed upon women about their genitals.

In the book, Richie and Nicky recall specific sexual experiences of theirs as told through poetic food metaphors. These accounts are then followed by similarly-toned recipes that are designed to capture the taste experience Richie and Nicky had at that time.

I chat with them about these inspirations, how they met, the inception of the book, and where they hope to go from here.

Please follow me on Twitter @ericbarry, like our Facebook page, throw some bucks at the show on Patreon, and SUBSCRIBE in iTunes!


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This week I sit down to chat with Bawdy Storytelling host and creator Dixie De La Tour. Bawdy is a fantastic sex-positive variety show based in San Francisco that now has legs in Chicago, Seattle, and L.A.

Before my interview with Dixie, I talk about my time in San Francisco and how something as simple as getting a hotel room can change your entire demeanor (and not necessarily for the better).

Dixie and I start off by talking about her upbringing, and the conservative nature of the south that pushed her to San Francisco. She began her career working in printing, and eventually made her way into selling personal ads in the back of SF Weekly. While dealing with clients over the phone, she realized she had a knack for coaching people on how to get laid, and eventually took out her own personal ad.

This led her to the alternative sex and dating scene in San Francisco, where events like Kinky Salon opened up the door to not only sexual experiences for Dixie, but coaching others on how to fulfill their own desires. She started hosting her own events, and soon decided that she could share the experiences of others to a larger audience with a storytelling platform.

Bawdy launched in 2006 at a small underground venue in SF and has skyrocketed since its initial inception. Dixie shares one of her favorite stories, and how Bawdy has changed her personal life, and where she hopes to take the show next.

Checkout Bawdy Storytelling's website and come out to the next Chicago show on Thursday, February 25 at Martyr's.

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HO HO HO! We have a very merry show for you this week. Coming into your ears from San Francisco's kinkiest cafe, Wicked Grounds, is Craig GaspianNick Palm, and yours truly.

The show is short and fun. We talk about the new Star Wars, the return of Nick, Steve Harvey's massive Miss Universe flop, a little dip back into sex news, and of course, perhaps the BEST segment of Buttplug Theater EVER?

Have a wonderful Holiday folks!

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You guys, we have a NEW RSS feed. Which means if you've subscribed to this podcast in the past, you're probably not reading this! But you can get the new RSS feed here or go by way of iTunes.

We have a terrific show this week you guys but I'm editing this in bed at 2:57am on a work night, and have given up on writing an elaborate episode description, but only after I gave up on showering for two days.

So here's what you need to know about the episode! Christ Pent, Kristen Rau, and Amanda Wiciek are on it! 

We talk about pizza.

We talk about AND experience virtual reality porn compliments of Chris.

We talk about age preferences and gaps in dating.

We talk about women in comedy without having successfully booked any female standups on the show. Promise to come back to this one another time.

Till then! Please follow me on Twitter @ericbarry, like our Facebook page, throw some bucks at the show on Patreon, and SUBSCRIBE in iTunes!

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This week we welcome back my roommate Amanda, as well as performer and consent educator Jessamyn Fitzpatrick. Jessamyn performs in an awesome show called Sex Signals for an awesome theater company called Catharsis Productions. They tour around helping to educate college students about consent and navigating what they want with their sexual partners.

We talk about Jessamyn's background and how she got involved with the company, as well as some of the behind the scenes of the production, how it's received, etc.

From there we engage in a larger discussion about consent, relating many topics covered in last week's episode about the James Deen rape allegations.

Coming back from our break we get into an argument about the merits of Beyonce and the marketing of feminism.

Then it's off to discuss a recent article Jessamyn read from a dude who said he no longer wanted to turn that cherry out. We talk about this in relation to the article posted earlier this year from Alison Stevenson where she insisted that she won't give blowjobs. In the end we agree, every should give some good oral their best shot.

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We have a tough one today. Helping me tackle this episode we have the return of Kristen Rau and Caroline Allen, plus for the first time on the show, my roommate Amanda.

We start things off by talking about porn and the general consumption of it amongst us, why we use it to masturbate, whether it's necessary, and why Kristen doesn't watch it period.

Then we dig into the recent rape accusations surrounding porn star and until now BDSM and porn-done-right poster boy James Deen. Deen was accused by fellow porn star and former girlfriend Stoya of raping her Saturday evening. Stoya returned to twitter after a brief hiatus to make the allegations on Twitter, stating, "James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore."

We go into a bit of Deen's background, why he had been lauded for his work by so many women (and men), and why this was particularly disheartening to here.

Then we get into a very complicated and nuanced discussion about sexual assault, and where Deen's actions stand in the context of other rapists like Bill Cosby. Is there an increased danger in the power structures afforded to celebrities? Through the discussion we share our own stories of sexual assault. 

We then talk about affirmative consent, what it means, and whether we agree that verbal consent must be obtained and maintained throughout every sexual encounter. Some movements even believe that all sexual partners should have to sign a contract explicitly stating that all people involved in the sexual encounter are of sound body and mind and consent to the forthcoming interaction. We all agree there are lines that have been blurred by poor communication in sexual dynamics, pronounced by our slut-shaming culture.

Of course this somehow leads me to be encouraged to play an old clip of a rape joke I used to do.

We end things on a slightly lighter discussion about wether it's reasonable to tell your first date that you want to sleep with them or not prior to meeting them.

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